Para sa mga kaibigang kong Pinoy,

Long time no see, kumusta na po kayo diyan?

Si Rieko po ako, ang haponese na noon nasa inyo,

harapan po ninyo ay malaki ang pagkagusto sa inyong culture, buhay sa manila, bukid at bundok etc...

Welcome to this humble homepage, at last I got something to show my works to you through internet. 

Do you remember when I was in your place, I always hold the small piece of paper and pencil? Since I got back to Japan, I have kept cultivating those pieces to the one sheet of drawing, with color.


Though I am working in Japan but I have never forgot you and people in your place, also my experiences.

I believe that it is one of my mission is to tell your way of life to the people in Japan especially children to make our society better.


For now, I am going to try upload my works here,

I would ask you to check here and give some advices so that my drawings would be better.  

It might be took time to upload the new one but I will try to do my best.


ikumusta mo ako sa mga kasama mo diyan ha.

Namimis kita. Lagi kitang iniiship. 

Ingat ka lagi,